Imaging Australis focuses on small group teaching combining hands on learning at workstations, and interpretation/feedback sessions to maximise the interaction. There are two groups of topics (A and B) tailored down to the level of training. 

Topics A:

Aortic stenosis 

Aortic regurgitation 

Mitral regurgitation 

Congenital heart disease

Strain Imaging ( LV) – Hands on session

3D TTE ( LVEF) – Hands on session

Introduction to Cardiac CT

Complimentary role of CMR to echocardiography

Topics B:

Stress echo case studies


Assessment of RV function/ Pulmonary HTN 

Congenital heart Diseases

Strain Imaging (LV/LA/RV)

3D TOE ( analysis of aortic and mitral valve) – Hands on session

Cardiac CT case studies 

Complimentary role of CMR to echocardiography

We recommend Topics A for the first (and second ) year trainees and Topics B for the (second and) third year trainees. Please choose  the Topics that are best suited for your level of training and imaging knowledge.

The final program will be posted on the website upon completion of the registration and expression of interest in each group of topics.