Imaging Australis 2017

Now in its 5th year, Imaging Australis continues with the same focus on quality control in echocardiography where cardiology advanced trainees can learn how to interpret often challenging echocardiography studies in a multiparametric approach. With ever sharper tools in echocardiography the course emphasizes on quantitative methods to reduce variability in echo reading.

In an era of multimodality imaging we recognize the lack of exposure to cardiac CT and MRI amongst trainees and the added cardiac CT and MRI sessions will focus on how these modalities can be used as complementary to echocardiography.

As in the last 4 years, the meeting is intense and limited to three groups of 12-15 to allow an interactive and hands on training.

We appreciate the unrestricted educational grants and technical support from our sponsors and looking forward to seeing you in Imaging Australis 2017.

Tom Marwick, MBBS, PhD, MPH, FAHMS
Mehdi Eskandari, MD, FRACP